Periodontal health represents the base of oral health. Periodontitis can cause teeth loss, but it can also harm systemic health, including heart and blood vessel diseases, digestion system, respiratory diseases and infections, diabetes, and insulin resistance, as well as cause unfavourable pregnancy outcome and Alzheimer disease. Periodontal treatment preserves health of the supportive teeth apparatus and decreases and eliminates harmful consequences of the periodontitis.

Periodontal plastic surgery comprises procedures of reconstruction of the receding gums (gum recession) or removal of excessive gingival display (clinical crown lengthening/ gingivectomy). Teeth with the gingival recession often show sensitivity issues to cold/warm stimulus and are prone to development of dental caries on the recession places, and often, these teeth present an esthetical problem. The procedures of crown lengthening, i.e., gingivectomy are mostly procedures necessary when there is too much gingival display when smiling, which disturbs the harmony of a perfect smile.