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We own state-of-the-art diagnostic devices, such as: radiovisiography, cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), dental microscope, root canal length measurement devices, ultrasound surgery devices etc.


Implantology is a stomatological discipline that refers to inserting dental implants into the jaw bone in order to replace the root of a lost tooth. It offers a solution to all forms of toothlessness (from replacing a single tooth to replacing all teeth) and represents an ideal solution for those who do not wish to disturb the neighboring teeth in order to have a dental bridge made, or those who are not satisfied with classic dental prostheses.

At our center, we exclusively use the Nobel Biocare implantology system, which is also the best implantology system in the world. If there is not enough bone tissue, we perform a bone transplantation procedure. Bone tissue from the area surrounding the patient’s jaw or artificial bone tissue may be used (a ready-made product). We would particularly like to mention the All on 4 system, which enables jaw rehabilitation using only 4 implants – a fixed prosthesis attached using implant fixtures.


Paradonthologic therapy is used to protect the health of the tooth supporting tissue, i.e. the gingiva (tooth gum), bones and the periodontal ligament. Inflammation of the tooth gum (gingivitis) or bone (periodontitis/periodontosis) is successfully cured performing initial paradonthologic therapy, i.e. tooth plaque removal and professional tooth polishing.

Advanced or severe periodontal disease or periodontitis requires surgical treatment. If the patient has localized gum recession, without inflammation, with the roots of the teeth becoming exposed, the treatment includes the use of gum grafting material to replace the missing gum tissue.

Endodontics and conservative dental medicine

Endodontics refers to diagnostics and treatment of the tooth pulp (tooth nerves). Inflammation of the tooth nerve, which results in tooth ache, can be caused by advanced caries or tooth trauma. An endodontic treatment is performed to remove an inflamed tooth nerve and fill the root canal with a homogeneous bioinert mass to cure the tooth and relieve pain.

In order to ensure long-term success of the therapy, it is often required to use the dental microscope and specific materials in order to protect your tooth. Our conservative dental medicine services include implanting of composite (white) and ceramic (inlay and onlay) fillings.

Prosthetics / aesthetic stomatology

Prosthetic (artificial) replacements are used to replace a lost tooth crown, thus restoring the functional and aesthetic harmony of your smile. Our services include implanting of metal ceramic and zirconia ceramic crowns made using the press or CAD/CAM technology. We can also successfully rehabilitate your smile using veneers, bridges or prostheses.

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